Jersey Tree Care specializes in tree removal throughout Northern New Jersey. Tree removal involves the total cutting and removal of a tree,and can be a hazardous process. With over 15 years of experience, our team members work together to safely remove your trees without causing damage to your home or landscaping, even from delicate and seemingly inaccessible areas.

Trees often have to be removed when a tree may be diseased, such as an oak dying from Golden-Spotted Oak Borer damage, or the roots have caused or risk causing structural damage to nearby buildings and pathways. The process usually involves a multi-step approach of removing the branches first, cutting the truck down and then removing the stump from the ground. Because of the size of some older trees, the project can produce quite a bit of wood and foliage that has to either be used or removed, thus waste removal is also part of the project.

Getting rid of stumps isn’t an easy task. Let the professionals at Jersey Tree Care take care of everything for you with our expertise. We can remove any size stump effectively and will work to minimize the impact on your property. We use the best equipment available to remove unwanted stumps from your property. From cutting-edge grinding equipment and more, JTC can get the job done quickly and efficiently. You can rely on our experience.

  • Latest equipment including track grinders

  • Any size stump from 5 inches to 100 inches

  • Lot clearing

  • Over 14 years in business in the New Jersey area

  • Fast and free estimates

  • Satisfaction guaranteed

  • Removal with minimal damage

Jersey Tree Care has qualifications, experience, and proper equipment to safely and effectively remove your trees. Our company culture is to primarily focus on your safety for tree removal. Our employees are properly equipped and trained to tend to your tree care and stump removal needs. Jersey Tree Care takes pride in delivering quality work, prompt response and reasonable rates.