Trees can be a source of great beauty in a residential yard, but when time, disease, or bad weather affects them, that beauty can quickly turn to danger. Call 201-366-2624, the best tree service New Jersey has to offer knows what to do to make your property and family safe again. Even without an urgent need for safety, proper tree care and maintenance can prevent future problems.


Signs You Need Help From a Professional Tree Service

Many homeowners first call a tree service New Jersey provider when they want to change the look of their landscaping, improve the view, or simply do not like the look of an existing tree. Either tree pruning or removal takes care of these problems and provides a clear lot space to replant or reseed for a green expanse of lawn.


Other reasons to call for the tree professionals are usually due to storm damage or other potentially dangerous problems. When a limb has crashed down on your roof, there is no time to wait.


1 - Storm or Wind Damage

Wind, rain, snow, and ice can all damage tree limbs, branches, and even trunks depending on the severity of the storm and the temperature. The destruction caused by falling trees can cause expensive damage, but if you wait too long to remove the trees that caused it, the price will only go up as rain or ice gets inside.


2 - Old Tree Breakage or Instability

The pretty oak or pine planted decades ago might have been an attractive addition to the landscape at that time, but now it poses a threat to your property. Old trees break more easily, may have rotten branches or trunks, and can even loosen as their root systems are tested in storms over the years. Our experts can investigate and let you know if the old tree needs to be cut down, pruned, or braced and cabled to maintain safety.


3 - Roots or Limbs Affecting Buildings

Growing roots can push up walkways and affect foundations. Limbs may push against your fence or overhang the neighbor's house. These things and more can cause building damage over time. The best bet is to have a professional tree care team remove the problem before it gets bigger.


When in doubt about whether you need expert tree service New Jersey to handle cutting, pruning, felling, or bracing work on your property, get a professional tree inspection and assessment. With all the danger that comes from a do-it-yourself tree cutting attempt, it is much better to leave things to the professionals. They can tell which trees can be saved, which need to be cut down, and the best and safest ways to do it so no one gets hurt and property sustains no more damage.


Call Jersey Tree Care today to learn how we can help you with tree trouble. Our experts in tree service new jersey are standing by to answer your questions and make a quick appointment to come out and give you peace of mind. We are proud to help you enjoy your trees and minimize the dangerous problems they can bring.

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