Many beautiful and ancient trees at native to New Jersey. In many homes these trees form a key part of garden design and they line many a street in the area too. However, there are certain occasions where tree removal is essential for many different reasons. It could be as simple as blocking a view or something more dangerous, so call 201-366-2624 for considering removal isn’t always a bad thing, especially if it’s better for the environment, your home and the tree itself.

The reasons for tree removal New Jersey citizens cite cover many different bases. Below we’re looking at some of the most commonly heard reasons for the safe removal of trees by qualified and experienced professionals.

Dead Trees
It is always a great shame when a tree dies on your property, but it does happen. Like any living thing trees have lifespans and when they come to an end, removing them from the property is the most sensible option. The dead tree removal New Jersey residents can choose from comes from reputable service providers and ensures as little fuss and damage to the surrounding property. If a standing tree dies, then it absolutely needs to be removed as quickly as possible as it will begin to lose strength and fall or lose the ability to withstand strong winds. Falling branches and the bough of the tree itself could cause damage to surrounding property. The same can be said of trees which have suffered significant damage, such as through lightning strike.

Encroaching Trees
Trees grow in wild and wonderful ways, but it’s not quite too wonderful if they begin to encroach on the property that surrounds them. Some trees will attach themselves and grow around and into building’s, impacting on the integrity of their structure. Roots can also disturb the foundations of buildings and its in these instances tree removal might be necessary. Similarly, branches often grow into or across power lines, damaging utilities access. This is a further example of why tree removal might be necessary to avoid limited services or damage to buildings.

Diseased Trees
A tree which is found to be diseased is likely to die in the near future, but the disease may also be spread to other trees. This can be stopped if the tree can be removed before the spread of the disease. Pest infestation is a key cause of disease in trees and sometimes it’s not possible to tell before it’s too late that a tree has become infected. If you believe you have a tree which is diseased quick and effective assessment by professionals is recommended. Sometimes they can be treated but in many instances, it is safer to remove the tree to risk it dying or the spread of the disease to other trees. Like with dead trees, those suffering from disease can lose strength, bend and fall, making them a potential hazard in the home.

The reasons for tree removal New Jersey residents offer are not limited to the above, but these are amongst the most common. If you feel you have a tree which needs looking at it is imperative, you speak to professionals rather than considering removing it yourself. Tree removal is a specialist process which can be dangerous, so get in touch with us today at and we’ll fully assess your trees for removal. 

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