At Jersey Tree care, our primary focus is proper tree maintenance and safety. Thus, we offer a variety of pruning options to maintain your trees properly and preserve them. Jersey Tree Care keeps trees in Northern New Jersey healthy with the latest technology and pruning options.

Our team follows specific guidelines and is properly trained to determine the health, safety and appearance of the trees around you. Pruning your trees keeps them healthy, beautiful and helps foster a safe environment.

Different specified of trees require specific methods. At Jersey Tree Care, our staff is properly trained to assess each tree and perform the appropriate pruning method.

What does tree pruning entail? Weather you need more light around your lawn or house, or you have trees branching out where they shouldn’t be, or you need your trees to grow stronger and healthier, our team can assess your needs and provide you with a short and long term tree pruning program.

This may include:

  • Deadwood Removal

  • Tree Shaping

  • Roof or Building Clearance

  • Crown Thinning and Reduction

  • Weight Reduction

  • Shaping

  • Vista Pruning

  • Crown Raising

  • Crown Cleaning

  • Tree Restoration

Contact Jersey Tree Care today for tree and shrub pruning or if you need a tree specialist in New Jersey to evaluate the health and safety of your trees!