Jersey Tree Care has multiple solutions to your tree care problems. Pruning is not a solution for every tree. Each tree has a different structure and individual problem. Our experienced staff is trained to determine which solution will keep your trees healthy and safe.

When tree pruning doesn’t provide adequate protection or results, we offer alternatives. At times, bracing and/or cabling can help restore your trees’ health and prevent deterioration and damage. Often, trees can grow to the point where it becomes difficult for them to sustain their own weight, their structure weakens. To keep your tree stable, and keep parts of the tree or the entire tree from falling, Jersey Tree Care specializes in tree bracing and cabling.

Cabling and bracing your trees helps maintain tree structure and preserve the tree. It is also a preventive measure as sometimes branches get heavy and can fall, resulting in personal injury or property damage. Tree bracing and cabling is an effective method when it comes to keeping your trees balanced by reducing strains from branches, leaves and snow.

At Jersey Tree Care, we use the highest quality cables to help redistribute tree weight and maintain tree stability and structure.

Call Jersey Tree Care at 201-366-2624 and our specialists will determine if your trees would benefit from tree bracing cabling!