At Jersey Tree Care, we will thoroughly assess your trees before performing services in order to determine the best tree care option for you.

Our goal is to preserve your trees and maintain their health and beauty. Out staff uses the latest methods to determine your trees’ health and safety. Jersey Tree Care has certified Arborists to inspect and evaluate the health of your trees. After our detailed inspection, we will be able to determine the appropriate solution to manage your trees’ health and your safety.

The most common tree diseases can often be treated when detected in time, thus, it is important to have your trees evaluated and inspected by certified Arborists. Tree disease can affect the tree partially or entirely, and it often cannot be seen with the naked eye in the initial stages. As tree disease continues to spread, it becomes visible and more difficult to address.

At Jersey Tree Care, our professionals use the VTA method to assess your tress.The VTA method is an internationally recognized method of tree inspection wherein potentially hazardous symptoms are analyzed, defects are confirmed and measured and the probability of failure is assessed. VTA helps to distinguish potentially hazardous trees from those that are actually hazardous, thereby preventing removal of healthy trees. This way safe trees are protected.

VTA gives information about the body language and the mechanics of trees and instructs you in the correct use of our test and measuring instruments.

The partial stages of the VTA method:

Inspection for detect symptoms

  • Body language of trees

  • Growth defects

  • Appearance of the bark

  • Crown and leaves

  • Fungal fruiting bodies and their body language

  • Local environment of the tree

Confirmation of defects and measurement

  • Sound velocity measurement (IML Micro Hammer)

  • Drilling techniques

  • Measurement of the wood strength (Fractometer)

  • Annual ring analysis (IML Measuring Table)

Assessment of the defect

  • Criteria of failure for hollow or decayed trees

  • Criteria of failure for root damages

  • Criteria of failure for trees that are healthy but high trees

  • (H/D ratio!)

Determination of further actions

  • Pruning

  • Mechanical aid (crow securing system, stilts,…)

  • Replacement of the tree

Advantages of the VTA method:

  • The VTA method, which focuses on the comprehension of the body language of trees, can be applied worldwide.

  • Sound measurement and drilling techniques only are supposed to confirm and dimension detected defects.

  • Certified Arborist would be able to distinguish between a potentially hazardous tree and a tree that only appears to be hazardous. Therefore, less trees will be felled and increase public safety.

  • Distinguishing between foreseeable and unforeseeable accidents, the VTA method makes its contribution to law and order. Founded liability claims can be settled and unfounded ones can be rejected.

  • Therefore, the VTA method is neither pro-tree nor anti-tree.

In the event of damage, this method makes it possible to obtain a suitable decision.

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