A dead tree is an eyesore and so is the tree stump. After cutting down the dead tree, many people do not bother to get rid of the seemingly harmless tree stump. However, it is not as harmless as it looks. Having a tree stump in the yard can be an invitation to a number of problems. However, many people are not aware of the importance of tree stump removal in New Jersey. Let Jersey Tree Care take care of it for you.

Why is it necessary to remove the tree stump?

With the passage of time, there might be the growth of grass and other shrubs around the tree stump. This would make it hard to notice the tree stump. This can result in a safety hazard for the people who use the area regularly.

The tree stump occupies unnecessary space. It does not provide any advantage but covers the space that could be otherwise used for a better purpose. Also, the roots of the dead tree are deep and rigid. No construction is possible on the space without the complete elimination of the stump.

The tree stump is not just an inconvenience. It is a dead mass of tissues that decays and degenerates. This results in the growth of bacteria and fungi that could spread hazardous diseases. The decaying matter is also an invitation to bugs, insects, and termites.

If this is not worse, the dead stump might result in the growth of a new tree from the stored nutrients. Numerous smaller trees take root around the tree stump making it even harder to remove. If the stump has already started decaying by that time, the new trees would mean more growth and spread of bacteria making them even more dangerous than the stump. Once those trees take root, they cannot be removed easily but our experts have the exprience to eradicate this burden with ease.

When and how to remove the tree stump?

The best time to remove the tree stump is right after the dead tree is removed. When the dead tree is cut, it is easy to remove the stump while it has not started decaying or made way for new plants to take root.

There are many ways that we go about performing a safe tree stump removal. One of them being, digging holes in the tree stump and then filling them up with toxic material. This results in decomposition of the tree stump. However, this method does nothing to the root system that is spread underground. Rather, it would result in the spread of toxic elements from the tree stump.

Another way we are able to eradicate this problem early is to dig up and grind the tree stump. This method is preferred as it completely destroys the tree stump and all the root system beneath. The hole created during this process is covered with soil and wood chips. The wood chips cut from the dead stump can also be used for other purposes.

Benefits of tree stump removal:

Once the tree stump is removed, there is extra place in the lawn that could be utilized for many purposes. The aesthetic appearance of the lawn is improved. The lawn is now safer from accidents as well as diseases and the premise is free of the root system that might damage the construction or underground utility connections.

Tree stump removal New Jersey is now possible by simply ordering the service online at Jersey Tree Care. For all the queries related to tree stump removal and to remove the tree stump in your lawn, please contact us.

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