One of the key differences between Jersey Tree Care is that we value our community and your safety. At Jersey Tree care, we deliver professional and effective tree services from tree pruning, tree removal, tree stump removal, to emergency tree services and clean up.

Emergency Tree Services

Emergency tree services embody more than natural disasters and debris removal from storm damage. Dying or dead trees should be removed as soon as possible if they are close to residential property to prevent property and bodily harm in the event that a natural disaster strikes. Jersey Tree Care specializes in emergency tree removal. read more

Tree Assessment & Inspection

Our goal is to preserve your trees and maintain their health and beauty. Out staff uses the latest methods to determine your trees’ health and safety. Jersey Tree Care has certified Arborists to inspect and evaluate the health of your trees. After our detailed inspection, we will be able to determine the appropriate solution to manage your trees’ health and your safety. read more >

Tree & Stump Removal

Jersey Tree Care specializes in tree removal throughout Northern New Jersey. Tree removal involves the total cutting and removal of a tree,and can be a hazardous process. With over 15 years of experience, our team members work together to safely remove your trees without causing damage to your home or landscaping, even from delicate and seemingly inaccessible areas. read more >

Storm Damage

The Mid-Atlantic coast often experiences some of the worst and most severe storms and these various types of natural disasters always cause damage and leave significant debris behind. The damage caused by these storms can cost a significant amount of money, but removing the remains of damaged objects can be an expensive and difficult task in itself. read more >

Lot & Land Clearing

Jersey Tree Care is fully equipped with state of the art equipment to handle all of your lot and land clearing needs. New construction, renovations or just cleaning out an overgrown area, we can manage the entire project. We work with builders and developers as well as small contractors. Our prompt turn around time from job estimation to completion is second to none.

read more >

Tree Pruning

Our team follows specific guidelines and is properly trained to determine the health, safety and appearance of the trees around you. Pruning your trees keeps them healthy, beautiful and helps foster a safe environment. Different specified of trees require specific methods. At Jersey Tree Care, our staff is properly trained to assess each tree and perform the appropriate ... read more >

Tree Bracing & Cabling

Jersey Tree Care has multiple solutions to your tree care problems. Pruning is not a solution for every tree. Each tree has a different structure and individual problem. Our experienced staff is trained to determine which solution will keep your trees healthy and safe. read more >