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Using a Resistograph uses a resistograph to test trees for decay, hollow area and tree rot that may not be apparent from the outside of the tree. Our resistograph service can help us diagnose trees that need to come down or be trimmed, prior to a storm bringing the trees themselves in an uncontrolled manner.

The resistograph provides measurable data with regards to how the tree may be susceptible to failure and thus allows the homeowner to determine the course of action to proceed with the tree, trimming or removal. Essentially the resistograph is a drill with a very small drill bit that measures the resistance of the wood that changes the drill rotation speed of the drill. You can think of it as a EKG like you would get for your heart. The drill hole is very small and it does not affect the tree at all.

This service is free if you call us at 201-366-2624 or 551-206-7870. You can also email us at for an appointment. Your complimentary consultation from our trained tree care professionals is done on the spot and they can give you advise on what the best course of action is in keeping your trees healthy, or if they need to be removed to prevent unwanted damage from storms.

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