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The Best Time For Tree Care

Updated: Sep 18, 2018

Spring is finally here, the sun is out, the green trees almost all grown back. Before you enjoy relaxing in your yard, make sure that you take care of your tree needs in the early spring to keep your trees looking their sharpest, as well as preventing disease and storm damage. This is certainly the best time to take care of your trees to prepare yourself for those warm weather days.

Checking In On Your Trees

Getting your trees examined in the early spring time is crucial for their health. This is the time where foliage production starts to occur, and this can be dangerous because storms during spring can have more of an impact on leafy, heavy branches, which increase the chances of your trees and property and even people getting harmed.

Take a look around your yard and check out each tree and its branches, trunks, deadwood, broken branches, cracked and loose bark, wet spots, and insect exit holes. Also look out for lesions, which appear on leaves as small dark circles bordered by a yellow circle. Make sure you are checking on the stems and branches for cankers, which are disease areas that discolor or shrink the wood. Do not forget to pay attention to tree limbs that extend near your house, as well as older trees that are creating a hazard for you or your neighbors. Older trees that show signs of disease and or damage, require pruning using proper tools and techniques, which can be done by a professional, like the ones at Jersey Tree Care.

Prune Your Trees

Pruning includes many techniques, such as the removal of interior tree growth to increase light penetration and wind circulation. This technique is recommended during this time of spring, and can also be performed throughout the year. Any damaged or broken branches, as well as deadwood, should be removed with the proper tools. One-fourth to one-third of your trees volume should be removed to reduce the weight and wind resistance, which in turn decreases the chances to be damaged during a storm.

Not only is pruning essential for the health of your trees, but it is important for the appearance of flowering trees because it reduces stress by removing the excess diseased, dead or broken branches. It is important to prune spring flowering trees right after they bloom in the early spring. Summer flowering trees need to be trimmed during the early spring to provide a healthy environment for new buds.

Nurture Your Trees

Mulching is very important in the early spring because it assists nutrient absorption in the trees and helps them retain the moisture they are looking for. There are many types of mulch, but organic mulch absorbs 20 to 25 percent more nutrients than a typical mulch. Before the application of mulch, the turf and weeds must be removed from the tree base, so that they are not the ones trying to provide nutrients for the trees.

Make sure your trees have enough water. Water is necessary for trees to grow, and it helps trees prepare for a long and dry summer. Start off spring right by having your trees watered three times a month.

During the early spring time, pay extra attention for disease and damage in your trees. Your trees have to be ready for warmer weather. All of this might sound overwhelming, and at times it is because there is certain accuracy, precision and skill required to maintain healthy trees.

Jersey Tree Care is a full-service tree care company that will perform diagnose and treat trees in need. Not only will we take care of your trees, but we will make sure we educate you on the essentials of proper tree care, and the environmental responsibility we hold to take care of our trees. It is best to care for trees in the early spring time, but the best time to take care of our trees is all the time! Call Jersey Tree Care 201-366-2624.

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