Looking to clear off your lot and land quickly; efficiently and economically, then wait no more, Jersey Tree Care are New Jersey's most trusted partner to prepare your land for residential or commercial development.

Owning a piece of land in New Jersey is exhilarating, but before you start building your future on it, it is imperative that all dead trees, rotting garbage; unwanted construction; underground termite; etc. are cleared off the land to make it safe for use. A land with heaps of over-growth and garbage needs substantial clearing before using it for any purpose.

We start our clearing process by biding adieu to large chunks, dead tree trunks and eliminating the unnecessary branches of any living trees that our client wishes to restore. This also gives our client a clearer view of how the land would look like once it is cleared.

We then move our focus to low-lying vegetation; bushes and hedges. We use advanced machinery to ensure all the vegetation; bushes and hedges are cleared off from the roots to avoid any re -appearance in future. This is also one of our key differentiators. An attribute missing in our competitors. We use highly equipped machinery to ensure that the deep and enormous under-lying network of roots is taken care-off to avoid any complications in future.

Once the land is cleared of all the large and small plantations and unwanted weeds; we remove the garbage to give it a flat and smooth appearance. We also treat the soil to restore some of its required properties and treat evils like termite.

If required, we also go an extra mile to advice our clients on next steps to deal with valuable timber and provide assistance on how to take care of any plantation that has been retained. We can help our clients with drainage on the ground and acquiring any permits for land clearing.

From clearing enormous amounts of plant life and debris to restoring the properties of the soil - we have an extensive experience and desired machinery required to handle the production of lot and land clearing. The array of our services include removal of construction material and tree trunks; brush clearing; bush hogging; mulching and any other brushing and disposal service.

To summarize, we offer solutions to not only clear your land but also to handle the waste and any valuable timber removed during the process. We lay special emphasis on quality since any unattended root may cause major concern later on. We provide all these services at an affordable price and we also try and preserve any living tree during the process of clearing.

Our clients include renowned builders and constructors and we have an impeccable reputation owing to our quality of service; economic pricing and timeliness. Once we take up a clearing assignment; we ensure that all lot land cleaning new jersey requirements are sufficiently met and we remain committed to our clients in all aspects throughout the journey. Jersey Tree Care works not only to meet our clients expectations, but to go beyond them.

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