In a windy climate like New Jersey, trees are more vulnerable to collapse. Anything on the ground is likely to be swept away by the high-speed winds and trees with immature branches becoming the target in such situations. When it falls to the ground, it is very unlikely that it will hit someone below, but in the worst case that it does happen, or if it simply collapses on your premises, you should call Jersey Tree Care to handle the mess.

The emergency services of New Jersey offer you the best possible help in such situations, they will reach the impact in a short time and the first thing they will do is make sure that nothing is in danger due to the collapse. After mastering the situation, the team will look for possible solutions to repair the damage and replace the collapsed tree.

Emergency service providers are equipped with first aid and advanced machines that are used for many tasks, such as raising a tree. Once you have eliminated the possible threat, the next thing we do is move it with mechanical means.

When a house is threatened due to its collapse, there are several possibilities of damage, such as:

Collapse of external walls:

If a large tree falls on the edge of your house, it is likely that the outer walls are damaged. In such cases, Jersey Tree Care services will help you raise the tree so you can rebuild your wall.

Nabbing of an animal or a human:

In case of a collapse of the tree, if a person or animal is trapped under the twigs, we will rehabilitate the living body by removing the burned tree from the body and a first aid service will be provided in its place.


If a tree collapses on a road that eventually leads to a traffic jam situation, we will use the best option as we see fit to lift the mountainous tree off the place in a jiffy and restore traffic as usual.

We can also help you plant one in your area. You can do this by getting the right growth and other things on your lawn. Before planting, they work to prepare the area by managing organic fertilizer and preparing the soil for planting. For them to develop properly, this is an important step. The first days on the ground are the most important time for life. Therefore, Jersey Tree Care in New Jersey ensures that it is the best time for the seed to grow before proceeding.

Mulching is also managed by us. The mulch can be collected in your area or you can also take it home. It is used around a tree to support the growth phase and guarantee its stability.

Stump grinding is another service that you can take advantage of. The service also helps when there is a buffer in your area and you need proper treatment to avoid accidents or to ensure proper use of the space. The process of rectification of the deformation involves removing the stump and grinding it to a certain level of depth. This is also done to determine the safe handling of different types of landscaping projects in a region.

Many situations like this can happen due to the collapse of a tree and Jersey Tree Care offers 15% off of emergency tree service New Jersey. We are at your fingertips to help you deal with these difficult problems.

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