Emergency tree services embody more than natural disasters and debris removal from storm damage. Dying or dead trees should be removed as soon as possible if they are close to residential property to prevent property and bodily harm in the event that a natural disaster strikes. Jersey Tree Care specializes in emergency tree removal. Our staff is properly equipped to remove trees of all shapes, sizes and conditions.

Unfortunately when trees are not properly taken care of, they sometimes fall on houses, automobiles, power lines, structures and buildings, leading to damage and hazard. Jersey Tree Care has addressed countless tree removals in the aftermath of these dangerous tree falls throughout Northern New Jersey.

If a tree falls and damages your property, contact Jersey Tree Care as soon as possible. Our professionals will be able to safely remove the trees, assess each scenario and determine whether the tree is yours or perhaps your neighbor’s, and help you take preventive measures. Tree care is one of the most dangerous industries in the world, and it is important to hire a licensed, bonded and experienced company.

Call Jersey Tree Care at 201-366-2624 if you have an emergency tree service!